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How to Lead a Carbon Neutral Life?

Each time there is more and more of us who want to live in harmony with nature and the life that surrounds us. This is the search for a life with less impact, trying to make the planet a better place. One way to start is to review our individual impact: what is the footprint we are leaving on the planet, in order to find how to improve it.

The carbon footprint is a measurement of the amount of emissions generated by the products we use and the habits we have, knowing this can inspire us to seek to be carbon neutral, that is, that our impact is in balance with the actions we take to regenerate the planet.

There are changes that we can make from home, which can be a good start to continue learning and walking this path. When we start at home, we can also inspire our family and friends; and thus make our individual commitment a collective achievement. The general changes we can make is to review the following habits:



Eat a variety of food to contribute to diversity in crops and help continue to grow ancestral food. Prefer seasonal produce that is being grown near you. Choosing a diet rich in plants is also an opportunity to nourish ourselves in a healthier way and with less impact in terms of carbon footprint.

Another way to reduce the carbon footprint in relation to our food is to take care of waste. More than 1/3 of everything produced in the world is wasted. This causes all the water, energy, transportation, land, labor and everything behind our food to go to waste. Challenge yourself to cook with whatever you have in the fridge, try new recipes and remember that creativity is a great ally in the kitchen.



Everything we produce needs energy, transportation, technology and packaging. To reduce our emissions we must also reduce our consumption, and try understanding what things we are buying out of necessity or because they are really contributing to our quality of life; compared to the ones we do on impulse.

We may also prefer to support brands that are making important changes to reduce their impact, showing that commitment to the planet is important when deciding what to buy.



When you have the opportunity, visit natural reserves, this ensures that they can continue doing their job of taking care of the common home while you enjoy the magic of nature. Here the best solutions to confront climate change are natural solutions where ecosystems that capture carbon, such as mangroves, forests or seagrass beds, among many others, are regenerated.

If you want to make changes that are more in line with your lifestyle, you can measure your impact using a carbon footprint calculator. This will give you a sample of which areas of your life you are generating the most impact. In addition to reducing your emissions, you can also make up for the rest.

Allocate a percentage of your money to projects that are caring for the earth by regenerating and conserving. It is something that we can do consistently and thus enhance the commitment of other organizations, achieving goals that we could not achieve individually.

The decision to take care of the planet helps us to live in harmony. It leads us to connect more with our true essence; it teaches us a simpler life and one connected with the present moment.

Encourage yourself to infect those who are close to you so that we can be more and more the ones walking this path.

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