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Sello Rojo # 1 Coffee Brand in Colombia

Colombia's Most Sold brand of Coffee

Make every morning feel like a weekend with the indulgent flavor of Colombia’s favorite cup of coffee: Cafe Sello Rojo premium coffee. World-renowned for their high-quality beans and roasters, Colombians know great coffee, and they have consistently chosen Cafe Sello Rojo Colombian roasted coffee as their first choice. Founded in 1933, Cafe Sello Rojo Colombian coffee has been making history for more than 80 years in the third largest coffee producing region in the world. The discerning gourmet coffee drinkers of Colombia have spoken, and Cafe Sello Rojo with its mild roast coffee is bringing Colombia’s preferred selling brew to American homes. Direct from the source and monitored by strict quality controls at every stage of the process. Cafe Sello Rojo Coffee columbian ground

A cup of coffee with a balanced body Coffee and gourmet notes of sweetness

Cafe Sello Rojo mild roast coffee 100% Colombian premium coffee is dedicated to the purest quality, never blending inferior varieties or grades. It is a mild roast, medium ground coffee with a balanced body that inspires notes of sweetness and low acidity for superior drinkability. Enjoy your brick coffee in the morning, noon, and night. Colombia’s climate has the golden ticket for supremo coffee cultivation, and Cafe Sello Rojo embraces many of the family mountain farms of the region to ensure the highest quality whole beans. Hand-picked green coffee beans are carefully selected at the peak of maturation, then washed with the purest water and dried in the sun for a naturally perfect process. Cafe Sello Rojo purchases these pristine beans direct from the source, then roasts and vacuum-packs on site to maintain the delicious aroma and freshness in every bag. Cafe Sello Rojo is the top selling brand in Colombia according to La Republica Newspaper, The Nielsen Company, Euromonitor and Kantar World Panel 2018.

Handpicked coffee produces the smoothest taste

560.000 farmers and their families are the backbone of the coffee growing industry and culture in Colombia. Cafe Sello Rojo has worked hand in hand with the local farmers for over 70 years to bring you the smoothest coffee in the world.

Small Hand Tended Batches

Processed in the fields, in small batches, enhances the quality of the product. The coffee beans are cleaned, fermented and dried in the sun by local farmers to produce the perfect batch every time. Colombians take great pride in their product, and they are connoisseurs. And Cafe Sello Rojo is the brand they prefer overwhelmingly.