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Eterna Multipurpose Season Cloth (24 unit)

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The Eterna Multipurpose Season Cloth is ideal for cleaning various household surfaces. It is composed of softer and delicate cloth, allowing a deeper surface cleaning without scratching or damaging it. It has high flexibility, is easy to handle, has high absorption power, is odor-free, and is washable and reusable due to the materials.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Useful for cleaning any surface. They are soft and delicate allowing deep cleaning of surfaces without scratching or damaging them.
  • REUSABLE: They do not retain odors, and are washable and reusable. IDEAL
  • FOR: Walls, countertops, cupboards, stoves, and bathrooms USE
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: Use wet or dry, and rinse before and after use, bleach is not recommended.
  • PRECAUTIONS: Avoid use with bleaches. Do not approach sources of flame, spark, or heat.