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Eterna Gloves Extra Long M 3.63 Oz

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The Eterna Gloves Extra Long are high-quality gloves made of natural latex. Its new design makes the glove have a more extended cuff of 43 cm long, which helps to protect it better. The Eterna Gloves Extra Long Is the only glove in the market with textured brush-like fingers for textile and clothes washing. It has diamond-textured palms, fingers, and knuckles for a better grip and safety. They have a water channel on the sleeve and anti-slip cuffs. Also, they are flexible and elastic and will resist abrasion, puncture, and slips in greasy environments. Ideal for car and clothes washing, exterior cleaning, etc. 

  • USE RECOMMENDATION: Designed for demanding tasks such as laundry, car washing, outdoor cleaning, among others.
  • DESIGN: This glove features a longer sleeve for added protection, a
    fastener ring for maximum adjustment to the arm, and water channels in the sleeve that prevents water from entering the interior. Special brush-type texture on the knuckles that helps the cleaning of clothes and delicate surfaces.
  • EXCELLENT GRIP: Diamond-textured palm, which allows a better grip on utensils, preventing them from slipping.
  • EASIER DONNING: The chlorination process makes the glove easier to don and doff, additionally, it allows the surface to be sealed, preventing the growth of microorganisms on its surface.
  • RESISTANCE: Maximum resistance to dilute solutions of bleach and detergents