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Eterna Ecological Gloves L 2.12 Oz

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The Eterna Ecological Gloves have a unique design for protecting the environment. They are made 100% of natural latex, plant-based, and reusable raw materials. It's pigment-free, and due to its new formula, it has fewer chemicals. The Eterna Ecological Gloves are more resistant and long-lasting than traditional gloves. Also, they go through a chlorination process to remove particles that can cause allergies. They have a diamond-textured palm for a better grip and a smooth inside for easier donning. They are designed for housekeeping, as they have a perfect fit to the hand that stops water from entering the glove. 

  • WITH PURPOSE: 100% natural latex glove that allows it to be much more resistant. 100% recyclable packaging.
  • INNOVATIVE AND ANATOMICAL DESIGN: It adjusts to the hand, allowing better manipulation. Avoid fatigue from prolonged work due to its maximum flexibility.
  • EXCELLENT GRIP: Textured on the palm allowing a better grip, which helps to handle utensils easily. Avoid tears as it has a reinforced edge on the sleeve for greater resistance.
  • DURABLE: Higher resistance for a full housekeeping process.
  • EASIER DONNING: The chlorination process makes it much easier to don and doff, additionally, it allows the surface to be sealed, preventing the growth of microorganisms on its surface