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Areparepa Yellow Corn Meal, 35.27 Oz

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Areparepa corn meal is made from 100% selected corn and provides a texture that allows for smooth and quick kneading, making it ideal for preparing traditional Latin American recipes. 

•Corn aroma:
Our Areparepa precooked white corn meal concentrates inside the true and unique aroma of corn that is used to produce it, enriching the kneading experience and making it a memorable moment to share with family and friends and that also demonstrates the quality and naturalness of the product

•Preparations that are crunchy on the outside and softer on the inside :
At Areparepa we focus on developing a unique and tasty formula for our products, for this reason with our precooked white corn meal you will get preparations that are more crunchy on the outside and softer on the inside

Easy and fast to knead: At Areperepa we believe that memorable moments do not have to be complex, that is why our precooked white corn flour can be quickly transformed into dough to create Latin preparations easily and quickly in a few minutes so you can enjoy your special moments with your family.

A leading brand of tradition in Colombia: Areparepa is a Colombian brand with more than 40 years adding the latin flavor to the recipies and uniting Colombian families around their aromas and traditions, becoming the most wanted at the table and one of the most competitive brands within the precooked white corn meal in the country.

Kosher: We are 100% corn
At areparepa we guarantee that our production methods meet strict standards of cleanliness, quality and purity, and that our product is 100% corn, without preservatives, artificial colors, flavorings, or any other ingredient , our product is 100% precooked corn, which is why we are Kosher certified.


Technical Specifications

  • 35.27 Oz
  • 33 Servings per contanier
  • Serving Size 3 tps (30g)