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Colcafe Cappuccino Mocca Box 3.8 Oz - 6 ct

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  • 100% COLOMBIAN COFFEE: 6 Sachets of 18 g per each case. Our blend keeps the traditional and exquisite flavor of Colombian coffee, but also adds the ease of instant mix preparation.
  • CLASSIC CAPPUCCINO: Ready in seconds! Just add water and enjoy a fresh-tasting, and delicious Classic Cappuccino without leaving your house. A full-body Cappuccino made with a mix of Colombian coffee, sugar, and non-dairy cream.
  • GREAT VALUE: Prepare your Mocca Cappuccino just how you like it. Warm-up with a foamy cup of Classic Cappuccino, relax with an ice-blended Cappuccino drink, or mix things up by adding Cappuccino Instant mix to your coffee instead of cream.
  • TREAT YOURSELF: Treat yourself with a smooth, balanced, creamy, and delicious coffeehouse Cappuccino without leaving the house. Just add hot water, mix and cuddle up on the sofa!
  • BETTER FOR YOU: A cholesterol and lactose-free product. Our Mocca Cappuccino Instant Mix has only 5g of Sugar and 80 Calories per serving.


  • Colombian coffee, powdered milk, corn syrup, coconut natural oil, sugar, non-dairy creamer, natural dyes, and vanilla flavor.


  • Hot Cappuccino: 1. Pour envelope content in a cup. 2. Add 100 ml of hot water (not boiling).
  • Cold Capuccino / Frappuccino: 1. Pour envelope content in a blender. 2. Add 100 ml of cold water or milk for a creamy drink. 3. Blend well and add some ice.


  • Dimensions: 3 x 2.8 x 5.7 inches.
  • Shelf life: 18 Months.