Smooth & Low Acidity: Enjoy the indulgent flavor of Colombia’s favorite cup of coffee

About Colombia's Most Sold brand of Coffee and our process

World-renowned for their high-quality beans and roasters. Founded in 1933, Cafe Sello Rojo has been making history for more than 80 years in the third largest coffee producing region in the world, Colombia.

Hand Picked

The secret behind the smoothness, is the hand picking, only processing the ripe berries and roasting them.

Small Batches

The consistent quality comes from this process done for generation: Picking, Washed, Fermented and Dried at the farms in small batches.

Medium Roast

The perfection is achieved with our roasting process, that delivers quality- controlled, medium-roasted and low-acid, having present the fruity notes, nuances and avoiding the aftertaste burnt.

Best packaging

Coffee is not oxygen friendly. Therefore, we have 2 ways to avoid it with the packaging: Soft pack with valve that allows the gases released by the coffee (CO2) to escape, but not the oxygen to enter or Vacuum sealed that preserves its character, flavor and aroma, keeping it fresh for longer.

Prepare the perfect cup

You only need to follow the instructions on the packaging, and the result will be the perfect cup of Colombian Coffee.